In His Service

I pray my words will always reflect my love for & service to God.

27 December 2009

My Sweet Santa

My Santa is so sweet, and generous.
Santa decided to gift me yet another camera, replacing the one that took a swim in the ocean.  He asks that it remain in a ziploc bag when near water.  No problem, Santa.  Now if I can only learn all its bells and whistles.

For those of you who scrapbook, you'll know what these are, the rest of you, trust me, they are awesome for a paper hog like me.  Cropper Hopper 12x12 paper storage system, now I can actually organize my paper.
Santa knows I use Fiestaware and that I LOVE coffee.  What Santa doesn't know is I don't like the giant coffee mugs, I don't drink coffee fast enough to drink that much while its hot.  However, he gifted me 5 giant coffee mugs, Fiestaware, of course and I was appropriately appreciative.  I'm thinking they will make great icecream, soup & chili bowls.
I received my first ever 'good' watch this year.   Guess I've upgraded from my $10 Walmart watches.....LOL

Shhhh, don't tell anyone but..........
My oldest stepdaughter gave me my most prized gift.  She gave me a necklace that had belonged to my husband's mother.  I know this is a prized possession, as she died several years ago, and it means alot to me that she thinks that much of me, to allow me to enjoy this as well.

25 December 2009

Blessings from God

As I looked at the packages under the tree this morning; as I watched 3 of our children opening gifts it struck me how blessed we truly are.  Both Mike & I are still working and able to meet our bills and have extras.  I was reminded today of God's blessings in our lives, His gifts to us & my being so undeserving.  This is truly unconditional love.  I pray this next year to use the blessings He gives me to further His kingdom.

19 December 2009


Today I have enjoyed watching the snow and taking pictures from the doorway. (Last measurement, around 9p we had over 15" in the Wilmington DE area.) I was glad not to be working or scheduled to work as flights have been a mess the entire day.  I realized this was the first snow storm I have been in since moving to NC over 3 years ago.  I enjoyed seeing the snow fall once again, but thankful I was able to watch it & enjoy it from inside the house.  I am thankful for such close friends (more like family, really) to spend the day with.  I am less than 30min from the Philadelphia airport but really doubt I make it there for my trip tomorrow as it has continued to snow all evening and is forcasted to snow most of the night.  This area has been in a state of emergency since 3p. Most of our flights tomorrow have been cancelled but scheduling wants us to go hang out in the DC airport anyways.  I feel bad for those who had planned to travel this weekend and pray everyone gets where they want to be in time to celebrate the birth of Christ.
Meanwhile, on the west coast, my daughter in law informed me it would be in the 70s and sunshine today!  She is such a  This will be her first Christmas without my grandson (he's 7), as he is spending it in OH with his father.  Please pray for her as I know this is a tough time.  I praise God for a daughter in law that I love so much.
Would you also pray for a dear friend in New York?  She is expecting  and is suffering this first trimester.  Please pray that she will be well enough, physically and emotionally to enjoy celebrating Christmas with her family.

15 December 2009

Are you Ready for Christmas?

What does that question mean to you?  Its one I not only hear but also have asked.  I stopped today and thought about what it really means to be 'ready' for Christmas.  For me, it means am I ready to serve Christ; am I ready to be 'uncomfortable' for Christ; to be 'inconvenienced' for my Saviour?  I've been pondering these questions for several months now & realize that I need to put my thoughts into action.  This is why I will be keeping my appointment this afternoon to discuss my volunteering with a local organization.  I realize that the small amount of time I will give to others is miniscule, compared with the sacrifice Christ gave for me.  I plan to make some other changes in my life as well & pray my life will revolve less around 'me' and more around Him.

25 November 2009

Prepared for the Unexpected......

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the only holiday I go all out for, as far as cooking goes. Those who know me also know its the only holiday I cook for.  I have been cooking Thanksgiving dinner since I was 20, as a newlywed.  Suffice it to say, there have been quite a few dinners prepared and often, a 'catastrophe' involved. 
One year, I was carrying gravy from the kitchen to the living room and SPLAT!! dropped the entire bowl all over me, the carpet, get the idea. Let me tell you, hot gravy burns, not to mention getting gravy out of carpet!  Dinner was a bit late that year.
Then there was the year we had Thanksgiving early, before Josh shipped out to Okinawa.(at least I think thats where he was heading)....thats the one and only year I used stove top stuffing instead of making it from scratch.  Judging from the reaction by my children (teens and above) one would have thought I had grown a second head, trust me, that mistake was never made again!

Many Thanksgiving mornings I have bustled in the kitchen, stressing over this or that, snapping at my family and then no one is happy, kind of defeats the entire purpose of the day, doesn't it? This year, I have prepared many things ahead of time.  The only things that will need to be made are the mashed potatoes & gravy along with the turkey.  Everything else will just need to be reheated. If some unexpected event happens, I will have the time to handle it.  Perhaps, I will even watch the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade with the family.

Praying all of you are able to enjoy an enjoyable, stress free Thanksgiving Day.

18 November 2009

'An Unexamined Life'


This was the title of the sermon our pastor gave on Sunday. God really spoke to me through this message, I felt it was directed right at me. For the last few years, one of my yearly goals has been to serve God in my community. I've been telling myself I'm waiting on God to direct me to where He wants me to serve. The reality is, He has shown me several opportunities and it just hasn't been a priority. I make excuses. Period.

The pastor gave 4 areas of our lives that should be examined:

1. Money - Luke 16:1-15 is a parable Jesus shared about money. Now I've read this passage several times over the years but always thought it was about loving money more than Him. On Sunday, God opened my ears to another message in that passage. Money has no value in itself, but is to be used in this world to make preparation for the next. The Bible views wealth like other special gifts, as a resource to be used in serving God & others. Jesus reminds us that nothing we possess is truly ours, but loaned to us by God to be used His service.

2. Time - Ephesians 5:15-17 tells us how to use our time, not like those who do not know Him (fools) but 'making the most of your time, because the days are evil' (verse 16 NASB). There are many things that consume our days, many of them necessary and good, many of them serve no purpose in furthering God's Kingdom.

3. Gifts & Abilities - 1 Peter 4: 7-11 Peter describes a lifestyle which reflects the will of God for His people: self control, prayer, mutual love, hospitality, serving wholeheartedly, using the gifts God has given us for the benefit of others. ' that in all things God may be glorified through Jesusu Christ.....' (from verse 11)

4. The Message of Salvation - 2 Cor 5:12-19 Christ died for all humanity. It is God's desire that every single person be given the opportunity to have eternal life with Him. It is our privilege & responsibility to convey that message to others. There are many times in our daily lives that others can see the grace of God, if we let them. We probably have more opportunities than we realize to share the gospel with others.

This sums up the message God conveyed to me: we are called to live our lives in service to God, ministering & witnessing to others so they will see the love of God through us & be brought into His Kingdom.

11 November 2009

My week in California

I was asked to write about my week in CA so here it is.
I arrived in Palm Springs last Monday morning, my daughter in law & granddaughter were already there waiting. We gave a marine a ride back to the base with us, so I sat in the back with Miss O. She just brings joy to my heart! It was wonderful to see my son, when he came in for lunch, gave him a big ole hug as I hadn't been able to do this since Feb, when he deployed. I must admit, I never get tired of seeing him in his uniform and marveling at the wonders of God and how He has worked in my son's life. (If only he would acknowlege this.)

The weather, dare I say, was absolutely perfect....not too hot, sun shine & a bit of a breeze.
The grandchildren are wonderful, my grandson spends his hours after school playing outside with the neighborhood boys. My granddaughter, spends her waking hours entertaining the rest of us.....she never fails to make me laugh. Her new response to any statement is 'why'. I often forget that Miss O is still 2, she seems so much older. We spent time outside each day, she showed me how well she can ride her tricycle, and played hard at the playground.
Each morning we would take J to school, then come home and have breakfast. We would play, color & play with Play Do. I was introduced to her favorite cartoons..... Mickey's Playhouse (who writes his scripts, 'You Betcha')? and whatever the cartoon is with Oso. We read books, 'Jungle Book' 3 nights in a row....and many others. Miss O, J & I played Trouble, what a fun time for this Grandma! For those of you who are blessed with grandchildren, you know exactly what I am talking about. For those of you who have children still at home, this is the reward you will receive for enduring days that seem to be endless.

My son loves to rough house with the kids and whatever he does with J, Miss O expects too. 'My turn, my turn' she will say. It is so much fun to see them laugh and carry on.
On Sunday, I was repacking my suitcase & Miss O wanted to know what I was doing. When I told her I was getting ready to leave, she wanted to know why. I explained to her I needed to go home and take care of Grandpa & Aunt Missy. 'No, you need to stay here at mine house' as she wraps her little arms around my neck she said 'I will miss you'. She really knows how to melt my heart.

It was with a heavy heart that I left early Monday am, before either of the children were awake.

05 November 2009

This & That

I am spending a couple days with my grandchildren while their parents are away for a couple days of much needed time alone together. Its a tough thing, being grandma, I want to be fun but I don't want to contribute to 'brattiness'. Being a parent was easier in a sense, I wasn't really worried about being a 'fun' mom, I wanted my children to be respectful, responsible adults.

Yesterday Justin told me I was meaner than his mom because I wouldn't let him have a 2nd glass of iced tea. I think I redeemed myself when I let him play x-box for 30min after his bath.

Olivia and I had our first 'falling out'. I told her to stay out of the kitchen while I fixed dinner.....she told me 'no'. Off to the naughty step she went. She definitly was not happy!
However, she was her usual cuddly self before bed.

Justin continues to try and educate me on the xbox games, I think I'm a hopeless cause! I think tonight I'll suggest a board game instead, at least I have a chance with Trouble or Candyland!

I need to seek God's guidance on how to teach the kids about Him, to be effective in the limited time I am with them. I do not understand how my son & dil can be raising their children without teaching them about God. Both of them were raised in the church, they met at church camp as young teens. How much does a mother say? I've talked to both parents about taking the kids to church....and while they agree they should, they don't. There is no grace before meals, no bedtime prayers.....I've never heard mention of God, His Creation, the many wonderful things He does. Maybe I just don't see it? My dil prayed while my son was deployed, she shared that with me. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, I continue to struggle with my walk. I do not understand what has happened, why it is so hard for me to pray, to study, to feel God's presence. I know in my heart that God is real, that He has not left me. I know satan wants me to feel otherwise. If I know these things, why is it so hard to believe them? How can I pray for others and feel so far away?

I am reading an interesting book 'Cashless' by Mark Hitchock it is very interesting and thought provoking.

31 October 2009

Just wondering......

What does it mean when one says 'you are in my thoughts'? I notice this is said mainy when others are going through a trial. What exactly will your thoughts do? Do you really mean that you are going to pray for that person? Why don't you say that? Just wondering.

27 October 2009

Mother & Daughter

Here we are, Graceanne & I on 'graduation' day! I never dreamed I would be going through a training class with my daughter, and look.....after 3 weeks of daily interaction, we still like each other!
It was kind of scary, watching & listening to her, seeing how much like me she is in so many ways. I had realized she was like me in some ways, but being with her each day for 3 weeks, my eyes were opened so much wider!
I wish I saw more faith in God in her daily life, seems she forgets sometimes where her strength really comes from. Of course, aren't many of us guilty of the same thing? I know I am. I know God forgives me for not being a stronger, more consistent Christian mom for my children as they were growing up but I'm not sure I have forgiven myself. I can't help but wonder if she would be making better choices if I had been a better example. Don't get me wrong, she's a great daughter, hardworking, motivated & self supporting; she's never given me a moments worry, at least about worldly things. I suppose many of us as parents of grown children wonder how we could have done things differently, to make them stronger against satan's attacks. I am reminded that God has given us all (even my children) freedom to choose. I am confident Graceanne has the tools she needs to walk in God's ways, now I need to let her go.

17 October 2009

Graduation Day

Praise God! I have completed my training at R and I am back in my home state! I'm sure Indianapolis is a lovely city, however, I only saw the airport, hotel, walmart & the training center. I am not going to miss any of those! We arrived at the training center to promptly begin our final exam at 8am. By 10a we all knew we passed! It was bittersweet, we all had bonded with one another & with the trainers. We received our certificates & our wings, had some cake, took a million & one pics (post some later) & off to the airport we went. I'm looking forward to hubby picking me up.....we will stop & have dinner then spend an entire day at home tomorrow before leaving again.

Can anyone out there tell me what a Hoosier is?

I have to say THANK YOU to those who prayed & encouraged me & you all know who you are. I could not have done it without yours & God's help.

I will be off line the rest of today & will look for my friends in the am.

What should I write about next?

14 October 2009

Almost finished!

Praise God! I am almost finished with this training. Saturday am we take the final & get our wings! Tonight we go to the hangar to practice our planned emergency evacuations. We have no idea what position (A or B FA) or who our partner is until we get there. Last night's group of 18 were there from 10p - 2am! (one person failed & was sent home) Thank God for my status as a transfer, as I have to be on my way back to the hotel by 1am. Class starts at 1030a with a test first thing. My group is going to practice at the pool this evening, so if you are at our hotel, you may just hear us..... 'Brace! Brace! Heads Down! Stay Down! And folks, if you are told to 'Leave Everything, Get Out!' That is exactly what we mean....if you try to leave the airplane with your purse, bag, whatever it will be snatched out of your hands & thrown anywhere we can.............we have 90 seconds to evacuate........... LEAVE EVERYTHING!
We have gone from a class of 40 to a class of 29, several people left on their own accord; several failed testing; several were sent home for breaking 1 or more rules. It is always sad to get to class & see someone no longer there.....many times we don't even get to say goodbye. The sad thing is, not everyone is flight attendant material.

Today we took these personality tests.......not so shocking, the results for me were Director/Social. Anyone who knows me will agree, this is an accurate assessment.

Leave me some feedback, have you enjoyed these posts?

11 October 2009

I am enjoying a quiet, no stress Sunday morning. Just finished watching This Week. Chatting with a good friend on yahoo messenger. Contemplating the day. This is the last week of training, several tests & drills this week. Final & graduation on Saturday then on to home, sweet, home. I missed M's first homecoming dance last evening......and no one has sent me pics yet. I'm not a very patient person either!

I've had a bit of a creative bug this week, sketching several scrapbook page layouts in between my note taking. I can't wait to get back home & make them come alive!

Today, I plan to work on a study of Daniel, I've neglected for 2 weeks; watch the Pittsburgh Steelers if they play early; perhaps get a movie from NetFlix; straighten up my room; maybe spend a bit of time in the hot tub & get ready for the last week of training.

07 October 2009

Doors & Fire Fighting

Today was our day to practice opening & closing the doors; unplanned evacuations & fire fighting. This was a pretty fun day, with alot of activity, only a few hours of in class Power Point & lecturing.

This morning, our group practiced with the door & unplanned evacuation. It makes so much more sense when you are actually there, touching & feeling & seeing what it is you are going to be closing every day you work. (under normal circumstances, we do not open the door, the gate agent does) I will have to remember 'big handle, big trouble'. This is how our trainer teaches us.......if we open the door, we'll be in 'big' trouble with her....LOL The Emb 145 does not have emergency slides, and we FAs opened it. I have to say, I did a fair job on the door & remembered most of my evac commands. It is a bit tough for me to remember to shout commands while opening the doors though.

After lunch, we sat in the classroom & reviewed fire procedures. Did you know that plain ole water is the best way to put out a lithium battery (think laptop) fire? If you use an extinguisher to put out the initial fire, soak it with water to cut out the heat source.....see, I did learn something new today! Then, we went outside to fight favorite part! It was fun to watch the instructor relight fires for several of us......just to remind us that in the real world, fires can reignite.

Tomorrow I will be going down the evacuation slide! I have never done so & admit I'm a bit nervous. This might sound strange for a FA to say but, I'm not a fan of heights. I'm also excited.....should be a fun day! I'm hoping to get some pics, in which case, I'll post one.

I am so glad to be done early today, looking forward to starting class at 8a & finishing by 6 again tomorrow. I am off to study our unplanned emergency evacuation procedures, so I will pass the first time I try. I also need to study the location of the emergency equipment on the Embraer 170: 70 seats, no closet; 70 seats closet; 76seats & Emb 175: 86seats.

'Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace so that we may receive mercy & find grace to help in time of need.' Hebrews 4:16
Thank you T, the verses you've been giving me mean more than you can know!

04 October 2009

I wonder.......

..... if the average passenger would be surprised to know that a flight attendant's training consists primarily of safety & emergency procedures? Does it give you comfort to know that we have the equipment needed & are trained for just about any medical emergency? Never the less, I pray that God continues to put a person trained in the medical field on any flight I work that has an emergency.

Praising God!

God has gotten me through this first week, carrying me, when I couldn't continue on my own. A very special friend gave me this Scripture on Friday: 'He gives strength to the weary and to him who lacks might He increases power' Isaiah 40:29 Believe me when I tell you, He gave me the strength to go on, passing Friday's test with a 98% & sending me an angel in the form of one of our pilots. This captain has been off work since the end of January, 2007. I flew with him his last trip. He knew he was having health problems; he didn't know it was bone cancer. I had no idea he was having any issues, he was his normal, happy self; as always, one of my favorite captains to fly with. Praise God! he as been cancer free for over a year, has gotten his medical back & should be back flying for us next week! He showed me pictures of his little one, 6mos old......what a cutie! What a treat & God knew I needed something that would perk me up & get me through the day after such a long day Thursday. Thursday we were in class 11a-815p; left the hotel at 930p to go to the hangar, getting back after midnight.
Today is our only day off this week. I am praying to rest, relax & enjoy fellowship with my Father.

Wildlife Magnet?

Some of my classmates have been studying while walking in the mornings. I really need to get into a habit of walking again so I asked if I could join them. This morning was the first morning I went & there were just 2 of us. We left the hotel at 0715, drove to a park with a 2mile walking path. We were walking & quizzing one another there sitting next to the path was a beautiful cardinal, he sat there a few seconds then flew into the trees; we came upon a pond & there in the distance was a heron.....just sitting there so nice & pretty; we saw several rabbits, one was near the path, and instead of hopping away like the others, sat there and stared at us while we walked. My classmate asked if I was a wildlife magnet, she hadn't seen any previously. We spent the day in class; a couple hours tonight in the hangar & then went to Walmart to pick up a few things. On the way home, we missed our turn, drove a few miles, thinking we would find the highway. I finally said, 'Do you think we should turn around?' No sooner had we turned the car around, weren't even back up to the speed limit & what did we see? Three deer were crossing the road, from the yard of a home into a cornfield! My classmate is convinced, I am in fact a 'wildlife magnet'! Personally, I think God sent those to us today. This morning to lift us up so we could pass our tests & get through the day; tonight to reward us for our long & grueling week!

28 September 2009

More Ramblings

As I sit here in my hotel room, I listen to the wind howling outside my window. My view? The roof of the pool, I believe....LOL

I've brought my sneakers & clothes to hit the gym....will I? I'm going to try to develop some self discipline while I'm here & at least get on the treadmill several times each week. Perhaps then, I will take that habit back home with me.

I must find all the positives in my day tomorrow, this will be the only way I will make it through the next 3 weeks. I have little patience for incompetence & if today was any indication, there appears to be alot of it here.

You might be impressed to know I packed all that I need for my 3 weeks here into a 22" rollerboard suitcase, and thats business clothing folks. I also have not 1 but 3 pair of shoes & a pair of flip flops with me! No, I cannot lift it!

Quote for today: 'Do not be eager in your heart to be angry, for anger resides in the bosom of fools' Ecclesiastes 7:9 NASB
I think I am going to memorize this.

Day 1 of training

Today I took a fight at 7:14 to PHL, then another to IND for day 1 of training. My daughter is with me & about this I have this to say: She is so me at that age! Stressed & cranky does not even begin to describe her today.

Our flight was scheduled to arrive at 12:35, we were initially told to go to the hotel, check in then be at the training center at 1pm. I contacted the head of trainig by email, she responded in kind, stating we were to have the hotel shuttle take us directly to the training center, we would be allowed to leave early after our drug/alcohol test & announcement test. Let me explain, we are among 4 transfers in a class of 40. The company has our fingerprints on file, we already have our uniforms. The hotel van picked us up at 12:50, we arrive at the training center at 2min to 1p. We enter the training room, there are 3 people who show us to our seats, start handing us paperwork to fill out then turn around & tell us to clear our desks, for our first test. BTW, I scored 100%......not that we are competing, but that was higher than my daughter.....LOL When I finish my test, I turn it over, then start filling out the paperwork.....then we are told when we finish, to leave the classroom so they know we are done. Can you say disorganized & lack of communication? When everyone is finished, we are herded back into the classroom to hear about sexual harassment & the company's policy on drug/alcohol usage/abuse. Keep in mind, we have never been introduced to the trainers, this is important later on. We hear all about how we shouldn't call anyone 'honey, darlin, stud muffin' get the idea. We hear about our company's zero tolerance for drug/alcohol abuse yada, yada, yada. We are reminded that we will need to pee in a cup.....drink your water everyone! After standing in line for what seems like an eternity (after drinking close to 30oz of water & several cups of coffee) its finally my turn! I'm told how much I need to contribute....'like that is going to be any problem', I think. Afterwards, I go to the breakroom where fingerprinting is going on, not knowing that the woman doing the fingerprinting is not a trainer, but an outside vendor, I ask her if the transfers can leave, since we have already been told we do not need to be fingerprinted & we don't need to order uniforms, since we already own them. She tells me we can. I call the hotel & am told it will be 20min. OK, fine. I'm outside waiting when I am told, no we can't leave. I tell a trainer about the email from the director of training & he wants to see it. Of course, this is the only correspondence I did not print. I'm a little frustrated because by this time the hotel van has arrived & I'm feeling like my integrity is being questioned. AND, does anyone in training comunicate with one another?? Who would come up with something like 'the dir. of training emailed me that we would be able to leave early to get checked into the hotel'? How easily this could be verified, right? Finally, after 3 trainers have conferred, they decide there is no reason we should have to hang out while the new hires finish fingerprinting & uniforms. WOO HOO we get to leave (it is now a bit after 5p) We get back to the lobby, to discover the van driver has left, left word that he will be back. We call the hotel, they are unable to reach the driver as his phone is not working! FINALLY, the van shows up & we 4 are on our way to the hotel. We get checked in & I am now unpacked & settled into my 'home' for the next 3 weeks.
Does it sound like I have little tolerance disorganization & lack of communication?

On the positive note, because my glass is half full: I am in a great room by myself with a fridge & microwave.

27 September 2009

Big Feet Discrimination ?

Is there such a thing? I never really gave it much thought, as I hate to shop & only buy new shoes when I absolutely have to. However, I must wear dress shoes during training and my current heels were purchased early in 2001 when I first became a flight attendant. Other than the heels looking worn, they are still in good shape. Whats wrong with them is after all these years of basically sitting in a box, they are old & cracking! Always one to put off the less desirable tasks, I waited until yesterday to go in search for what I need tomorrow am. I combined this task with helping my freshman step daughter find a dress for homecoming. What WAS I thinking? I thought of all the places to find a pair of shoes, Concord Mills Outlet Mall would be the place. In a place this size, finding shoes I liked, that complied with our 'Impressions of Excellance' dress code. (Yes, there is such a thing.....not that very many follow it, but that is for another time). The problem was finding a shoe that would fit. Size 10 was a bit snug; size 11 was too big. I need a 10 1/2. Now in every size up to 10 there were 1/2sizes. IN EVERY STORE! So, yes, there is such a thing as 'big feet discrimination'!

I did learn a valuable lesson: I need to shop more often!

24 September 2009


Today I enjoyed spending some time with my husband.

Tonight I am working on memorizing the announcement I must memorize verbatim before I get to training. Its just a bit different than the one I've been using for the last 8+ yrs.

Tomorrow I will fly to PA to spend time with my daughter & my scrapbooking friends. I give God Praise for allowing me to work a job that I not only love but also gives me the benefit of flying standby.

23 September 2009

Checked bags

Southwest is advertising the fact they do not charge for checked bags.....maybe you've seen this commercial & didn't think it was that funny. My being in the airline industry, I find it especially they talk about the other airlines charging to check your bag & if your bag wants to bring along one of its little bag friends, you have to pay more & they don't even get a drink & peanuts! My favorite part is this: 'Why to the other airlines hate your bags?'. I'm sorry but I just find this hilarious......and to think someone gets paid good money to come up with such commercials.
Personally, I like to think of the airlines charging for checked bags as their way of helping you learn to pack more efficiently, I've noticed a huge drop in checked bags on our flights. You've all learned you really don't need all those things you used to pack anyways, right?

22 September 2009

God's Perfect Timing

Some of you already know I am starting training at our sister airline Sep 28. It was a difficult decision, transferring to our sister company. (I like to say R is CHQ's 'little' sister since CHQ was here first....LOL.) Not only did this transfer include being away from home but also enduring 3+weeks of training scheduled 8-5 Mon - Sat as well as being based in another state. This was all ok, as I would still be senior enough that I would be able to pick my trips & many of them overnight in the city I live. The last thing that made this a difficult decision is leaving all my co workers at my present base. We are a small base & more like a family than co workers. However, despite all this, I put in the bid to transfer to R.
Why would I want to transfer you might ask. Several reasons, one being the fact that our base is small, we are losing some flying & fear CHQ may close this base. Second, the rumors that R would open my present base as one of theirs & if that happened, I wanted to be in place to get back there. Well, yesterday, R announced they are opening my present base on Nov 1. This means I will be right back where I want to be, a mere 1 1/2 hour drive away from home! God's timing is perfect! Praising Him!