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11 November 2009

My week in California

I was asked to write about my week in CA so here it is.
I arrived in Palm Springs last Monday morning, my daughter in law & granddaughter were already there waiting. We gave a marine a ride back to the base with us, so I sat in the back with Miss O. She just brings joy to my heart! It was wonderful to see my son, when he came in for lunch, gave him a big ole hug as I hadn't been able to do this since Feb, when he deployed. I must admit, I never get tired of seeing him in his uniform and marveling at the wonders of God and how He has worked in my son's life. (If only he would acknowlege this.)

The weather, dare I say, was absolutely perfect....not too hot, sun shine & a bit of a breeze.
The grandchildren are wonderful, my grandson spends his hours after school playing outside with the neighborhood boys. My granddaughter, spends her waking hours entertaining the rest of us.....she never fails to make me laugh. Her new response to any statement is 'why'. I often forget that Miss O is still 2, she seems so much older. We spent time outside each day, she showed me how well she can ride her tricycle, and played hard at the playground.
Each morning we would take J to school, then come home and have breakfast. We would play, color & play with Play Do. I was introduced to her favorite cartoons..... Mickey's Playhouse (who writes his scripts, 'You Betcha')? and whatever the cartoon is with Oso. We read books, 'Jungle Book' 3 nights in a row....and many others. Miss O, J & I played Trouble, what a fun time for this Grandma! For those of you who are blessed with grandchildren, you know exactly what I am talking about. For those of you who have children still at home, this is the reward you will receive for enduring days that seem to be endless.

My son loves to rough house with the kids and whatever he does with J, Miss O expects too. 'My turn, my turn' she will say. It is so much fun to see them laugh and carry on.
On Sunday, I was repacking my suitcase & Miss O wanted to know what I was doing. When I told her I was getting ready to leave, she wanted to know why. I explained to her I needed to go home and take care of Grandpa & Aunt Missy. 'No, you need to stay here at mine house' as she wraps her little arms around my neck she said 'I will miss you'. She really knows how to melt my heart.

It was with a heavy heart that I left early Monday am, before either of the children were awake.

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