In His Service

I pray my words will always reflect my love for & service to God.

26 January 2011

Under Construction

Have to stop work to finish dinner, for whatever reason my hubby & sd want to eat.  Feel free to leave your comments and help me make this blog better.

22 January 2011

Random Thoughts

Sunshine outside is misleading during winter.
Too many people are up at before the sun rises watching TV and buying sold on TV products.
NetFlix has a ton of movies I've never heard of.
A cat makes a great foot warmer.
Watching a Pittsburgh Steeler football game is sometimes nerve wracking!
I have no idea how blessed I truly am.
I never gave a thought to how many people in the world have never heard the gospel.
I actually enjoy cooking.
'If I am too busy for God, I am just too busy. I am inviting disaster into my life.' --joyce meyer

Sunrise at LaGuardia Airport, NY. circa 2008

02 January 2011

After Christmas Snow

You may have been out grabbing up those after Christmas bargains, but I was snug as a bug at home, not daring to venture out on the roads after our snow storm. I must admit, it was beautiful!  I didn't have to go out in it so of course it was beautiful! Unlike the snow I experienced while in PA earlier in the month, this snow was not accompanied by extreme cold.
There is one advantage of having snow in NC, the opportunity to take some great pictures!

Ice on the holly bush.

This was taken at 525am, when Mike was leaving for work. Nice, big, wet snowflakes!