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05 November 2009

This & That

I am spending a couple days with my grandchildren while their parents are away for a couple days of much needed time alone together. Its a tough thing, being grandma, I want to be fun but I don't want to contribute to 'brattiness'. Being a parent was easier in a sense, I wasn't really worried about being a 'fun' mom, I wanted my children to be respectful, responsible adults.

Yesterday Justin told me I was meaner than his mom because I wouldn't let him have a 2nd glass of iced tea. I think I redeemed myself when I let him play x-box for 30min after his bath.

Olivia and I had our first 'falling out'. I told her to stay out of the kitchen while I fixed dinner.....she told me 'no'. Off to the naughty step she went. She definitly was not happy!
However, she was her usual cuddly self before bed.

Justin continues to try and educate me on the xbox games, I think I'm a hopeless cause! I think tonight I'll suggest a board game instead, at least I have a chance with Trouble or Candyland!

I need to seek God's guidance on how to teach the kids about Him, to be effective in the limited time I am with them. I do not understand how my son & dil can be raising their children without teaching them about God. Both of them were raised in the church, they met at church camp as young teens. How much does a mother say? I've talked to both parents about taking the kids to church....and while they agree they should, they don't. There is no grace before meals, no bedtime prayers.....I've never heard mention of God, His Creation, the many wonderful things He does. Maybe I just don't see it? My dil prayed while my son was deployed, she shared that with me. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, I continue to struggle with my walk. I do not understand what has happened, why it is so hard for me to pray, to study, to feel God's presence. I know in my heart that God is real, that He has not left me. I know satan wants me to feel otherwise. If I know these things, why is it so hard to believe them? How can I pray for others and feel so far away?

I am reading an interesting book 'Cashless' by Mark Hitchock it is very interesting and thought provoking.

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