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04 October 2009

Wildlife Magnet?

Some of my classmates have been studying while walking in the mornings. I really need to get into a habit of walking again so I asked if I could join them. This morning was the first morning I went & there were just 2 of us. We left the hotel at 0715, drove to a park with a 2mile walking path. We were walking & quizzing one another there sitting next to the path was a beautiful cardinal, he sat there a few seconds then flew into the trees; we came upon a pond & there in the distance was a heron.....just sitting there so nice & pretty; we saw several rabbits, one was near the path, and instead of hopping away like the others, sat there and stared at us while we walked. My classmate asked if I was a wildlife magnet, she hadn't seen any previously. We spent the day in class; a couple hours tonight in the hangar & then went to Walmart to pick up a few things. On the way home, we missed our turn, drove a few miles, thinking we would find the highway. I finally said, 'Do you think we should turn around?' No sooner had we turned the car around, weren't even back up to the speed limit & what did we see? Three deer were crossing the road, from the yard of a home into a cornfield! My classmate is convinced, I am in fact a 'wildlife magnet'! Personally, I think God sent those to us today. This morning to lift us up so we could pass our tests & get through the day; tonight to reward us for our long & grueling week!

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