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07 October 2009

Doors & Fire Fighting

Today was our day to practice opening & closing the doors; unplanned evacuations & fire fighting. This was a pretty fun day, with alot of activity, only a few hours of in class Power Point & lecturing.

This morning, our group practiced with the door & unplanned evacuation. It makes so much more sense when you are actually there, touching & feeling & seeing what it is you are going to be closing every day you work. (under normal circumstances, we do not open the door, the gate agent does) I will have to remember 'big handle, big trouble'. This is how our trainer teaches us.......if we open the door, we'll be in 'big' trouble with her....LOL The Emb 145 does not have emergency slides, and we FAs opened it. I have to say, I did a fair job on the door & remembered most of my evac commands. It is a bit tough for me to remember to shout commands while opening the doors though.

After lunch, we sat in the classroom & reviewed fire procedures. Did you know that plain ole water is the best way to put out a lithium battery (think laptop) fire? If you use an extinguisher to put out the initial fire, soak it with water to cut out the heat source.....see, I did learn something new today! Then, we went outside to fight favorite part! It was fun to watch the instructor relight fires for several of us......just to remind us that in the real world, fires can reignite.

Tomorrow I will be going down the evacuation slide! I have never done so & admit I'm a bit nervous. This might sound strange for a FA to say but, I'm not a fan of heights. I'm also excited.....should be a fun day! I'm hoping to get some pics, in which case, I'll post one.

I am so glad to be done early today, looking forward to starting class at 8a & finishing by 6 again tomorrow. I am off to study our unplanned emergency evacuation procedures, so I will pass the first time I try. I also need to study the location of the emergency equipment on the Embraer 170: 70 seats, no closet; 70 seats closet; 76seats & Emb 175: 86seats.

'Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace so that we may receive mercy & find grace to help in time of need.' Hebrews 4:16
Thank you T, the verses you've been giving me mean more than you can know!

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