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14 October 2009

Almost finished!

Praise God! I am almost finished with this training. Saturday am we take the final & get our wings! Tonight we go to the hangar to practice our planned emergency evacuations. We have no idea what position (A or B FA) or who our partner is until we get there. Last night's group of 18 were there from 10p - 2am! (one person failed & was sent home) Thank God for my status as a transfer, as I have to be on my way back to the hotel by 1am. Class starts at 1030a with a test first thing. My group is going to practice at the pool this evening, so if you are at our hotel, you may just hear us..... 'Brace! Brace! Heads Down! Stay Down! And folks, if you are told to 'Leave Everything, Get Out!' That is exactly what we mean....if you try to leave the airplane with your purse, bag, whatever it will be snatched out of your hands & thrown anywhere we can.............we have 90 seconds to evacuate........... LEAVE EVERYTHING!
We have gone from a class of 40 to a class of 29, several people left on their own accord; several failed testing; several were sent home for breaking 1 or more rules. It is always sad to get to class & see someone no longer there.....many times we don't even get to say goodbye. The sad thing is, not everyone is flight attendant material.

Today we took these personality tests.......not so shocking, the results for me were Director/Social. Anyone who knows me will agree, this is an accurate assessment.

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  1. Yes, I enjoy your posts!
    I would be afraid to take a personality test like that.
    90 seconds is not long at all. Not even my purse?