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I pray my words will always reflect my love for & service to God.

27 October 2009

Mother & Daughter

Here we are, Graceanne & I on 'graduation' day! I never dreamed I would be going through a training class with my daughter, and look.....after 3 weeks of daily interaction, we still like each other!
It was kind of scary, watching & listening to her, seeing how much like me she is in so many ways. I had realized she was like me in some ways, but being with her each day for 3 weeks, my eyes were opened so much wider!
I wish I saw more faith in God in her daily life, seems she forgets sometimes where her strength really comes from. Of course, aren't many of us guilty of the same thing? I know I am. I know God forgives me for not being a stronger, more consistent Christian mom for my children as they were growing up but I'm not sure I have forgiven myself. I can't help but wonder if she would be making better choices if I had been a better example. Don't get me wrong, she's a great daughter, hardworking, motivated & self supporting; she's never given me a moments worry, at least about worldly things. I suppose many of us as parents of grown children wonder how we could have done things differently, to make them stronger against satan's attacks. I am reminded that God has given us all (even my children) freedom to choose. I am confident Graceanne has the tools she needs to walk in God's ways, now I need to let her go.


  1. Those are some good looking chiquitas!
    If she's reading this...I can hear an eye roll going on!

  2. Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!! :) Oh course I can see where she gets it from too! hehe :) I love reading this.. Thank you for sharing with us!