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17 October 2009

Graduation Day

Praise God! I have completed my training at R and I am back in my home state! I'm sure Indianapolis is a lovely city, however, I only saw the airport, hotel, walmart & the training center. I am not going to miss any of those! We arrived at the training center to promptly begin our final exam at 8am. By 10a we all knew we passed! It was bittersweet, we all had bonded with one another & with the trainers. We received our certificates & our wings, had some cake, took a million & one pics (post some later) & off to the airport we went. I'm looking forward to hubby picking me up.....we will stop & have dinner then spend an entire day at home tomorrow before leaving again.

Can anyone out there tell me what a Hoosier is?

I have to say THANK YOU to those who prayed & encouraged me & you all know who you are. I could not have done it without yours & God's help.

I will be off line the rest of today & will look for my friends in the am.

What should I write about next?

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  1. HUZZAH!!! Congratulations! Knew you could do it.