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19 December 2009


Today I have enjoyed watching the snow and taking pictures from the doorway. (Last measurement, around 9p we had over 15" in the Wilmington DE area.) I was glad not to be working or scheduled to work as flights have been a mess the entire day.  I realized this was the first snow storm I have been in since moving to NC over 3 years ago.  I enjoyed seeing the snow fall once again, but thankful I was able to watch it & enjoy it from inside the house.  I am thankful for such close friends (more like family, really) to spend the day with.  I am less than 30min from the Philadelphia airport but really doubt I make it there for my trip tomorrow as it has continued to snow all evening and is forcasted to snow most of the night.  This area has been in a state of emergency since 3p. Most of our flights tomorrow have been cancelled but scheduling wants us to go hang out in the DC airport anyways.  I feel bad for those who had planned to travel this weekend and pray everyone gets where they want to be in time to celebrate the birth of Christ.
Meanwhile, on the west coast, my daughter in law informed me it would be in the 70s and sunshine today!  She is such a  This will be her first Christmas without my grandson (he's 7), as he is spending it in OH with his father.  Please pray for her as I know this is a tough time.  I praise God for a daughter in law that I love so much.
Would you also pray for a dear friend in New York?  She is expecting  and is suffering this first trimester.  Please pray that she will be well enough, physically and emotionally to enjoy celebrating Christmas with her family.

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