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15 December 2009

Are you Ready for Christmas?

What does that question mean to you?  Its one I not only hear but also have asked.  I stopped today and thought about what it really means to be 'ready' for Christmas.  For me, it means am I ready to serve Christ; am I ready to be 'uncomfortable' for Christ; to be 'inconvenienced' for my Saviour?  I've been pondering these questions for several months now & realize that I need to put my thoughts into action.  This is why I will be keeping my appointment this afternoon to discuss my volunteering with a local organization.  I realize that the small amount of time I will give to others is miniscule, compared with the sacrifice Christ gave for me.  I plan to make some other changes in my life as well & pray my life will revolve less around 'me' and more around Him.

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