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27 September 2009

Big Feet Discrimination ?

Is there such a thing? I never really gave it much thought, as I hate to shop & only buy new shoes when I absolutely have to. However, I must wear dress shoes during training and my current heels were purchased early in 2001 when I first became a flight attendant. Other than the heels looking worn, they are still in good shape. Whats wrong with them is after all these years of basically sitting in a box, they are old & cracking! Always one to put off the less desirable tasks, I waited until yesterday to go in search for what I need tomorrow am. I combined this task with helping my freshman step daughter find a dress for homecoming. What WAS I thinking? I thought of all the places to find a pair of shoes, Concord Mills Outlet Mall would be the place. In a place this size, finding shoes I liked, that complied with our 'Impressions of Excellance' dress code. (Yes, there is such a thing.....not that very many follow it, but that is for another time). The problem was finding a shoe that would fit. Size 10 was a bit snug; size 11 was too big. I need a 10 1/2. Now in every size up to 10 there were 1/2sizes. IN EVERY STORE! So, yes, there is such a thing as 'big feet discrimination'!

I did learn a valuable lesson: I need to shop more often!

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