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23 September 2009

Checked bags

Southwest is advertising the fact they do not charge for checked bags.....maybe you've seen this commercial & didn't think it was that funny. My being in the airline industry, I find it especially they talk about the other airlines charging to check your bag & if your bag wants to bring along one of its little bag friends, you have to pay more & they don't even get a drink & peanuts! My favorite part is this: 'Why to the other airlines hate your bags?'. I'm sorry but I just find this hilarious......and to think someone gets paid good money to come up with such commercials.
Personally, I like to think of the airlines charging for checked bags as their way of helping you learn to pack more efficiently, I've noticed a huge drop in checked bags on our flights. You've all learned you really don't need all those things you used to pack anyways, right?

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