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21 May 2011

Yard Sale Treasures!

Today I went out yard saleing with my oldest daughter. Besides the fun we had spending time together, we both got some GREAT deals.  She bought 3 summer dresses for $5 that fit her perfectly! We both bought the grands some stuff, both the 2 I already have and the one due in August.  I also bought 2 things for my scrapbooking room.  Here are the pics of some of our stuff........
The woman across the street gave me all this stuff for a mere $2.  Too bad I didn't know what Cheryl was having, she would have given me all the girl stuff she had left!

4 sleepers & 2 onsies Graceanne & I found at a church flea market.

Long winter coat for Olivia to grow into, size 6, 50 cents, again, church flea market.

Swim trunks for Justin found at church flea market for 50cents, they are like brand new!  Sweaters and winter vest Graceanne bought for Justin at same place.

Set of plastic drawers for scrapbooking stuff. The set of drawers on top I found at the church flea market for just $1.......I am putting scrapbook stuff in it as we speak!

Vibrating seat for Cheryl's baby, $3 at Mexican flea market.
Now I have a place to buy any Mexican spices I need! Would have bought Olivia a Little Tikes kitchen for her playhouse, only $10 but it wouldn't fit in Graceanne's car.  Next time I might have to have Mike's truck!


  1. Nice! The storage drawers were a good find.

  2. Oh Can I be a little jealous? We drove past so many on Saturday on our way to cut down some trees for a friend from church, and of course we were running late so we couldn't stop! I am really hoping to go this weekend! (Although Greg has made plans with another couple to work on the car~ hubby with hubby, wife and kids with wife and kids) I am just hoping they come later in the day! Come visit and we can go together, then deliever the kitchen set to Olivia! :)

  3. I am so coming with you to the next yard sale!! You've got some great finds!! Love the storage drawers!