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08 May 2011

Big Picture Classes Creative Crop Challenge #9

This is for my children and grandchildren so they know what I am doing at this time of my life. I spend much of my time in the spare room/scrapbook room/office, especially when Mike & Missy are at work/school.

When I am not working, I am listening to Christian Music on Pandora Radio

 This is where I work, LiveOps.

Iron Women is a group of 5 of us who initially met at CafeMom, became online friends and meet at Chatzy, in our special chatroom to catch up with one another, listen to praises & prayer requests, encourage and sometimes commiserate with one another. Whether its spiritual, family, cooking or crafting, we share it all!

                                                                                                             This is Cafemom, where I spend my share of time during the day. I am the owner of a small Bible study group and help with a Christian Marriage group. I also belong to a couple scrapbook groups here.


I can check my email when I'm working when the phone isn't working. Mike always makes fun of how many emails I have.  Coffee is my friend, especially when I am sitting early in the morning waiting for the phone to ring. Oh, its decaf

                                                                                                                  This cart sits righ next to my desk so my adhesive and paper cutter are always within hands reach!  Cards are pretty easy to make while I'm working.

This is about the space of work surface I have when I'm working, the laptop sits to the left. Wonder why I didn't take a picture of that?  LOL

                                                                                                               My phone and head set that I use for work.

This calendar hangs above the cart that my phone is sitting on. I've got birthdays and other things I need to remember, like spending Wednesday with Graceanne, at her request, for mother's day, since she is working today. I got this calendar in February, at Big Lots for 32cents! 

So there you have just a little piece of my daily life.

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