In His Service

I pray my words will always reflect my love for & service to God.

28 September 2009

More Ramblings

As I sit here in my hotel room, I listen to the wind howling outside my window. My view? The roof of the pool, I believe....LOL

I've brought my sneakers & clothes to hit the gym....will I? I'm going to try to develop some self discipline while I'm here & at least get on the treadmill several times each week. Perhaps then, I will take that habit back home with me.

I must find all the positives in my day tomorrow, this will be the only way I will make it through the next 3 weeks. I have little patience for incompetence & if today was any indication, there appears to be alot of it here.

You might be impressed to know I packed all that I need for my 3 weeks here into a 22" rollerboard suitcase, and thats business clothing folks. I also have not 1 but 3 pair of shoes & a pair of flip flops with me! No, I cannot lift it!

Quote for today: 'Do not be eager in your heart to be angry, for anger resides in the bosom of fools' Ecclesiastes 7:9 NASB
I think I am going to memorize this.

Day 1 of training

Today I took a fight at 7:14 to PHL, then another to IND for day 1 of training. My daughter is with me & about this I have this to say: She is so me at that age! Stressed & cranky does not even begin to describe her today.

Our flight was scheduled to arrive at 12:35, we were initially told to go to the hotel, check in then be at the training center at 1pm. I contacted the head of trainig by email, she responded in kind, stating we were to have the hotel shuttle take us directly to the training center, we would be allowed to leave early after our drug/alcohol test & announcement test. Let me explain, we are among 4 transfers in a class of 40. The company has our fingerprints on file, we already have our uniforms. The hotel van picked us up at 12:50, we arrive at the training center at 2min to 1p. We enter the training room, there are 3 people who show us to our seats, start handing us paperwork to fill out then turn around & tell us to clear our desks, for our first test. BTW, I scored 100%......not that we are competing, but that was higher than my daughter.....LOL When I finish my test, I turn it over, then start filling out the paperwork.....then we are told when we finish, to leave the classroom so they know we are done. Can you say disorganized & lack of communication? When everyone is finished, we are herded back into the classroom to hear about sexual harassment & the company's policy on drug/alcohol usage/abuse. Keep in mind, we have never been introduced to the trainers, this is important later on. We hear all about how we shouldn't call anyone 'honey, darlin, stud muffin' get the idea. We hear about our company's zero tolerance for drug/alcohol abuse yada, yada, yada. We are reminded that we will need to pee in a cup.....drink your water everyone! After standing in line for what seems like an eternity (after drinking close to 30oz of water & several cups of coffee) its finally my turn! I'm told how much I need to contribute....'like that is going to be any problem', I think. Afterwards, I go to the breakroom where fingerprinting is going on, not knowing that the woman doing the fingerprinting is not a trainer, but an outside vendor, I ask her if the transfers can leave, since we have already been told we do not need to be fingerprinted & we don't need to order uniforms, since we already own them. She tells me we can. I call the hotel & am told it will be 20min. OK, fine. I'm outside waiting when I am told, no we can't leave. I tell a trainer about the email from the director of training & he wants to see it. Of course, this is the only correspondence I did not print. I'm a little frustrated because by this time the hotel van has arrived & I'm feeling like my integrity is being questioned. AND, does anyone in training comunicate with one another?? Who would come up with something like 'the dir. of training emailed me that we would be able to leave early to get checked into the hotel'? How easily this could be verified, right? Finally, after 3 trainers have conferred, they decide there is no reason we should have to hang out while the new hires finish fingerprinting & uniforms. WOO HOO we get to leave (it is now a bit after 5p) We get back to the lobby, to discover the van driver has left, left word that he will be back. We call the hotel, they are unable to reach the driver as his phone is not working! FINALLY, the van shows up & we 4 are on our way to the hotel. We get checked in & I am now unpacked & settled into my 'home' for the next 3 weeks.
Does it sound like I have little tolerance disorganization & lack of communication?

On the positive note, because my glass is half full: I am in a great room by myself with a fridge & microwave.

27 September 2009

Big Feet Discrimination ?

Is there such a thing? I never really gave it much thought, as I hate to shop & only buy new shoes when I absolutely have to. However, I must wear dress shoes during training and my current heels were purchased early in 2001 when I first became a flight attendant. Other than the heels looking worn, they are still in good shape. Whats wrong with them is after all these years of basically sitting in a box, they are old & cracking! Always one to put off the less desirable tasks, I waited until yesterday to go in search for what I need tomorrow am. I combined this task with helping my freshman step daughter find a dress for homecoming. What WAS I thinking? I thought of all the places to find a pair of shoes, Concord Mills Outlet Mall would be the place. In a place this size, finding shoes I liked, that complied with our 'Impressions of Excellance' dress code. (Yes, there is such a thing.....not that very many follow it, but that is for another time). The problem was finding a shoe that would fit. Size 10 was a bit snug; size 11 was too big. I need a 10 1/2. Now in every size up to 10 there were 1/2sizes. IN EVERY STORE! So, yes, there is such a thing as 'big feet discrimination'!

I did learn a valuable lesson: I need to shop more often!

24 September 2009


Today I enjoyed spending some time with my husband.

Tonight I am working on memorizing the announcement I must memorize verbatim before I get to training. Its just a bit different than the one I've been using for the last 8+ yrs.

Tomorrow I will fly to PA to spend time with my daughter & my scrapbooking friends. I give God Praise for allowing me to work a job that I not only love but also gives me the benefit of flying standby.

23 September 2009

Checked bags

Southwest is advertising the fact they do not charge for checked bags.....maybe you've seen this commercial & didn't think it was that funny. My being in the airline industry, I find it especially they talk about the other airlines charging to check your bag & if your bag wants to bring along one of its little bag friends, you have to pay more & they don't even get a drink & peanuts! My favorite part is this: 'Why to the other airlines hate your bags?'. I'm sorry but I just find this hilarious......and to think someone gets paid good money to come up with such commercials.
Personally, I like to think of the airlines charging for checked bags as their way of helping you learn to pack more efficiently, I've noticed a huge drop in checked bags on our flights. You've all learned you really don't need all those things you used to pack anyways, right?

22 September 2009

God's Perfect Timing

Some of you already know I am starting training at our sister airline Sep 28. It was a difficult decision, transferring to our sister company. (I like to say R is CHQ's 'little' sister since CHQ was here first....LOL.) Not only did this transfer include being away from home but also enduring 3+weeks of training scheduled 8-5 Mon - Sat as well as being based in another state. This was all ok, as I would still be senior enough that I would be able to pick my trips & many of them overnight in the city I live. The last thing that made this a difficult decision is leaving all my co workers at my present base. We are a small base & more like a family than co workers. However, despite all this, I put in the bid to transfer to R.
Why would I want to transfer you might ask. Several reasons, one being the fact that our base is small, we are losing some flying & fear CHQ may close this base. Second, the rumors that R would open my present base as one of theirs & if that happened, I wanted to be in place to get back there. Well, yesterday, R announced they are opening my present base on Nov 1. This means I will be right back where I want to be, a mere 1 1/2 hour drive away from home! God's timing is perfect! Praising Him!