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10 March 2011

Latest Projects

I saw these neat magazine holders several weeks ago and decided to make some. Last night when I was ready to make them, I couldn't remember where I saw them, so I cannot give the proper thanks. I do know it was either on someone's blog or Cafemom, so whoever posted this first THANK YOU!  I also did not have the measurements the original poster was kind enough to post so I just eyeballed it. They are made with the large  priority mailing box you get at the post office. I covered them with some scrapbooking paper.  I have 2 more coming back to me with swaps stuff so I'll be making a couple more in the weeks to come.

As you can see, they are bigger than a magazine. I think a laundry detergent box would work equally well and be more sturdy. That is, if anyone still uses powdered laundry detergent these days.

These are twinchies for a puppy/dog swap in Faith, Love & Scrapbooking group over at Cafemom. 


  1. you are so creative!!!! they are adorable! I will have to make one for all greg's woodworking/outdoor magazines! It will be fun to use some of the paper to match what is in the magazines!!! :) thanks for the ideas!!!!

  2. These are great. I should make some of them for all of my patterns. Great Job!!!