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24 March 2011

Iron Women of the Word Blog Hop


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With All My Heart
'You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.' Jer 29:13

There are times when I wonder where God is. This verse brings me back to reality. God hasn't gone anywhere, I am not giving Him my entire attention. 'Life' gets in the way. What does it mean to search for God with all my heart? It means making Him first in my life. Giving Him my heart when I come to him. It means being fully engaged when I come to Him.
I realize I cannot find God if I am just going through the 'Christian motions'. You know what I'm talking about: reading the required amount of Scripture every day; telling God what He needs to do in my life and the lives of others; going to church and smiling like everything is just peachy when really, if one more person asks how you are they might hear how you overslept, argued with your teenager over wearing ripped up jeans, spilled the only cup of coffee that was left after your selfish spouse filled his super size travel mug, etc, etc.
I am learning to still my heart, so I can search for God with all my heart. Sometimes this means spending more time just being quiet, sometimes it means the 3 chapters I planned to read might only be 3 verses or perhaps it will mean reading 6 chapters. Sometimes it means smiling when someone asks how I am and being honest 'I'm glad you asked because I could really use your prayers today.' It has been my experience that when I open up and search for God with my entire heart, I do, in fact, find Him.

In His service,

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  1. So true! This reminds me of a song... cant think of the name, but it talks about going through the motions... i need to quit being "fine" everyday and just be open about what is going on... we can do a much better serving God if we are honest with everyone!

  2. Really good post. You are so right that there are so many Christians out there that think if you have problems you are not a real Christians. But last time I checked Jesus did not have an easy life. Also just because we are Christians does not mean that we will not have bad days.

  3. Let go, let God...not an easy lesson!