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23 February 2010

...and kitten makes 4..... or 5

Initially, Grace wanted the kittens that were born back in Oct. Due to work schedules, she wasn't able to get to PA to pick them up and decided maybe she didn't want them. Jess really needed to get rid of these kittens. She already has their mom & dad, a rabbit, a dragon lizard & a snake. Somehow (I'm still not sure how) Missy & I convinced Mike to allow 1 kitten to live with us. Grace would take the 2nd. 
Last Thursday morning found me on a plane to PIT, met Jess & the kittens at the airport & back in Charlotte by noon. (Added bonus, Jess visited with us until Friday evening.) Jess had named one kitten Chanel, as she looks like her mother 'Coco Chanel'.  Missy & I named the black one Abbey after our favorite character on NCIS.   
The cats were let out of the carrier & they quickly discovered the space under the washer & dryer (up on a platform) made a great hiding place from the dog.  Cleo acts like she'd like to know who they are, why are they here & when are they leaving. She's been really good with them, a blessing as I wasn't sure how she would appreciate being invaded by not 1 but 2 felines.  They spent the first couple days hiding under the w & d or behind the dvd player, only coming out for short times to eat and play.  They are making themselves at home these days and while they still hiss at Cleo, they allow her to get closer to them.  They keep me busy, shooing them out of Cleo's food on a regular basis.  Why does her food taste so much better than their own?  Here is a pic of Cleo doing what she does best and Abbey being much braver, not running nor hissing at Cleo.
Its been over 3 yrs since I've lived with a cat.  I had forgotten how entertaining they are. Abbey is the independent one, she does her thing but if she thinks she might be missing something, she'll zoom in from whereever she was to check things out!  She's been up on top of the treadmill a couple times but of course by the time I can reach the camera is back down again.  Chanel has me cracking up everytime I see her sitting up on her hind legs looking around.
Don't tell Mike I told but he has even been caught (on camera) playing with Abbey & Chanel.  Mike the 'I don't like cats'

PS Grace may have to find her own kitten!

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  1. For some reason, cats do tend to find those that aren't "cat people." I think that they are...secretly. My grandfather is one such person. Says he doesn't care for them, but how many Sundays did we catch him napping in his recliner with a kitty on his lap? Both as content as earthly possible.
    I might come kitty-nap and leave a child in exchange, lol.