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I pray my words will always reflect my love for & service to God.

14 November 2011

Good Morning Girls

This is week nine already after this week only three more and we will have completed 1 John. I have started these studies with Good Morning Girls before but never lasted beyond the first two weeks. I Praise God for His helping me stay committed to this and for all that I am learning through this book.
Today's reading is 1 John 4:7-10.  What I observed in these verses is that I cannot profess to know God and not love others; it was not because of anything I did or could even think to do that God loved me but because of the greatness of His love for me.

God has been speaking to me, through His Word & this study, about love, reminding me of its importance as a Christian. I struggle with this, with those who live with me, my husband and his daughters. Its not that I do not love them, I find myself unable to show the love I have for them, instead finding fault and being critical of almost everything they do/try to do. I am going to start today to find ways to show love to each of them and to stop and think before speaking.

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  1. I'm a week behind. But yes, what I'm seeing day after day is the repetition of "love." Unfortunately, I'm getting tangled up in a few other things that cloud the view a bit though.