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07 October 2011

Good Morning Girls

This week's Scripture was 1John 2:1-11. Good stuff!
1. One important lesson I want to remember from this week's reading would be: Actions speak louder than words.  I can say I am a follower of God all I want but if my actions do not back it up, I'm fooling no one but myself.

2. I feel God wants me to learn:
My life needs to back up what I profess, that Christ is my Lord & Saviour.
Without love there is no light. If I am truly walking the walk, I must show love, whether I deem it is warranted or not. It is my responsibility to love people, this does not mean I condone their actions.
I must learn to love unconditionally.

3. I am going to put my faith into action by: Seeking the ability to love unconditionally; seeking out opportunities to show love not only to the 'loveable' but also the 'unloveable'.

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