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05 April 2011

Crop Party at Cafe Mom

Faith, Love & Scrapbooking held their Fools for April crop from Mar 31-Apr 5. I was able to participate, even scrapping while working, in between phone calls.  Here are the fruits of my labor.

This first card challenge was to use 3 different patterned papers, a stamped image and ribbon.

I had to find a card sketch online, post the original sketch, the website and my interpretation.

This challenge I had to find a layout or sketch online, post the original, website and my interpretation.  These are 2 more pages for Jess' scrapbook, ever closer to completing it!
This next challenge was to scrapbook an event that there were no pictures taken. I am still trying to figure out how  I could forget to take a camera with me when Mike & I got married!

This challenge was to find an advertisement online, post the ad and website then my layout from the ad. I was on the Starbucks website and one of their gift cards had a 'tree' with birds and leaves, if you look, you will see the center line (trunk) and the 'branches/birds' are the different pictures. This was a fun page to do, but it was time consuming as well.

These are 2 more cards I made, the first for my dad whose birthday was Apr 3. The picture is one I took on approach from San Francisco to Palm Springs Airport, CA Jan 2010. I love the contrast between the sky and the mountains.

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  1. Sandy you are so talented!!!! :) Oh I hope we get the chance to scrap again soon!!!