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24 January 2010

Lessons Learned While Traveling

Here are some of things I learned while traveling over the holidays.  Lessons I pray I can remember, as I deal with the flying public while I'm working and also when I am traveling.
1. Not everyone is traveling for pleasure.
2. Just because someone puts on a happy face doesn't mean there isn't a ton of turmoil going on in his/her life.
3. Sometimes people are so fatigued, they forget to be patient.
4. Sometimes the smile I give someone is the only smile they see the entire day.
5. Customer service personnel, in this case gate agents, are human. They can only do so much. They cannot create a seat on an airplane that isn't there.  Its not their fault the airlines oversell flights.  The government allows each flight to be oversold by a percentage to compensate for misconnecting passengers, passengers who decide to take another flight or not go at all, so that the airlines can fly full flights when possible, not losing revenue.  Lets all remember, a gate agent is just the bearer of bad news, not the responsible party for it.
6. Patience is key when traveling. 
7. Eat, yes, airport food is overpriced but, like children, we are much more pleasant when our tummies are full!  Most airlines don't feed you anymore, even the pretzels are gone!
8. Airports were designed pre-electronic age......outlets are few and far between.  Please keep this in mind when using both plugs in one of those hard to find outlets. 

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