In His Service

I pray my words will always reflect my love for & service to God.

24 September 2011

Good Morning Girls

Several of my friends & I are joining with the Good Morning Girls in their fall session of Bible study. 1John is the book we are studying. This week we took the first 4 verses. Its amazing how much is in just those 4 verses! Every Friday is a reflection day, to summarize and reflect on what we've learned.
Reflection Friday
1. One important lesson I want to remember from this week's reading would be: In order to have a relationship with God, I must also have a relationship with His Son. I must share this relationship with others so they, too, can have this relationship. In short: Share the Gospel!
2. I feel God wants me to learn: My joy cannot be complete if I do not share the gospel.
3. I am going to put my faith into action by: Looking for opportunities to share with others and not let satan discourage me.